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Lafitte greenway apartments

This project consists of three phases. Each phase will include the construction of a duplex residence on one of three adjacent lots in the effort to eventually realize a cohesive development of six residences and a shared garden along the Lafitte Greenway in New Orleans, LA. Each parcel will provide ground level parking, two residential units, and a roof top garden connected to the upper unit.

Phase 1 leaves room for two parking spaces, storage and outdoor living spaces on the ground floor. Floor two contains a two-bedroom two-bathroom unit totaling 1400 sf interior space, with 120 sf covered balcony. Floors three and four contain the owners’ unit. This 1575 sf two-bed, two-bath unit includes a mezzanine study that connects to the 550 sf rooftop garden. An additional 120 sf covered balcony faces the street.

The owners have a primary goal of providing the community with a leading example of forward-thinking, energy efficient design. They have specifically asked for the integration of radiant heating in a concrete floor system between units, and a concrete roof system - in effort to provide greater wind-resistance.

Phases 2 and 3 building designs are still in development, but will be comparable in scope to the Phase 1 building.

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