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Make it Right

the bild team was invited by the make it right foundation to design a prototype for a sustainable, safe, affordable duplex within the constructs of the existing cultural framework of the lower 9th ward and new orleans.

while it is now required that we build at an increased distance from the ground in order to mitigate the risk of flooding, this duplex proposal strives to maintain the familiar connection between home and neighborhood. the primary portion of the dwelling is elevated to provide an added sense of security and permanence, while a reduced portion of the home is placed at risk from floods. if the city is again devastated by flooding, a small portion of the structure may need repair, but the primary living unit is preserved in support of community investment. the smaller unit may be utilized as a rentable apartment to aid in the financing of the entire duplex or as a unit for an ailing family member. it may also be used as a future expansion of the primary three bedroom unit. as a family grows, it could expand into the entire structure by simply removing the party wall and converting the duplex into a single family residence.

regarding the qualities of the traditional family lifestyle, the activities of adjacent outdoor spaces are often woven into the local culture of the home. the covered side yard may be used as a play area for kids or as shelter for neighborhood gatherings. in addition, each dwelling unit is equally developed with connection to the street. the efficiency unit is provided with a generous front stoop, and the upper unit is provided with a second level porch, so its occupants also have a public presence. this proposal attempts to recognize that we are not simply being asked to rebuild homes; rather, we are being asked to aid in the rebuilding of a neighborhood.

construction: TKO construction with make it right and tulane school of architecture's urbanbuild program